15 simple steps to live a minimalist lifestyle - How to be a minimalist

15 simple steps to live a minimalist lifestyle - How to be a minimalist

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This video will give you 15 simple steps to live a minimalist lifestyle


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00:00 Intro
00:34 One last shop syndrome
01:58 Make a list of your minimalist rules with a pen and paper.
02:54 Clean the kitchen sink to get a fresh start.
03:21 If you don't use it, you might as well throw it away.
04:12 Sort objects into groups based on their functions.
05:27 Don't be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions.
06:08 Make sure they serve more than one purpose
06:36 Make the most of the available space
07:02 Maximize the amount of space you have.
07:28 Remove the duplicates and throw them away.
07:52 Establish a clutter-free zone in your home.
08:18 Take it easy when travelling.
08:34 Wear fewer clothes.
08:49 Consistency is key.
09:10 Set aside $1000 for savings.

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